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When you live in Blue Bell PA, you live in one of the great towns of America. You’re seriously fortunate, and the envy of nearly everyone that passes through town. This is an upper-class town full of lush landscape, great neighborhoods, great country clubs such as Meadlowlands, and just a great community of people altogether.

The homes of this area are big and beautiful. Any one of these homes could qualify as the dream home for some town visitor. But one of the problems that Blue Bell residents can run into, just like people of any town in the north east, is what to do with a basement.

Don’t Let Your Basement Be Wasted Space, Transform It Into Something You and Your Family Can Enjoy…

Your basement is a huge part of the home that is more often than not either completely wasted…or not used as efficiently (or more importantly as enjoyably as possible). Yet this is an area of the home that can create so much happiness for so many in the family. The possibilities are endless. Refinishing a basement often gets procrastinated on because of the fact the choices are endless. People don’t know what to do with this area, so they just waste most of it on laundry rooms and storage. Our Blue Bell PA basement remodeling company wants to help give you some great ideas of things that you can actually do with your basement.

Need a Blue Bell PA Basement Remodeling Company? These Are 5 Fun Ways to Finish Your Basement…

#1 Convert It Into a Spare Bedroom or Even an Apartment for Guests…

Every once in a while you want someone to have their vacation…at your house. People live further and further away from their family and loved ones these days in our intercontinental world. You hate to see them renting a hotel room when they’re in for a visit. Therefore wouldn’t it be better to simply have them come stay in your home? But you can’t do that if you don’t have the space. Pushing the kids out of their rooms, and you sleeping on the couch just doesn’t work out too well for too long.

Our Blue Bell basement remodelers will create a space in your basement that you and your guests will love. You can go as extravagant or simple as you like. It can be a simple bedroom for sleeping, or you can create an entire living area, with bathroom, and even a little kitchenette. Depending on the size of your basement of course, the possibilities are endless. And when not in use by the family, parents, friends, or in-laws, it can double as a “man cave”, or rent it out seasonally as an income generating apartment. Your choices for a newly finishing a Blue Bell basement are absolutely endless. But one thing is for sure. Your guests will never leave, and want to visit more.

#2 Give the Little Kiddies Their Own Space With a Toy Room…

Your kids want nothing more than to have their own place to play and create, and just plain have fun. What they don’t want is having you riding them about their mess constantly.
It’s so inconvenient when the kids have nowhere to play and be themselves. You feel like a nagging parent when you’ve got to be on their backs – constantly riding them and stifling their creativity. That’s why a nice childproof toy room in the basement is perfect. They can play to their hearts content, and their mess is hidden and out of the way. No mess that surprise visitors might see. Or, no tripping over and stepping on toys for you (of which Legos are the worst to step on).

Our Blue Bell PA basement remodeling experts can help you give your kids a great place to play, with ample storage, and more importantly, in a safe and friendly environment where you can feel comfortable leaving them, while you do what you have to do upstairs.

#3 Create a Fun Game Room for the Teens (Keeping Them Happily at Home More Often)…

Of course as kids get older, toy rooms aren’t going to cut it anymore. Their interests change. Blocks, Legos, and Barbies turn to video games, air hockey, or whatever is hot at the moment. Kids want to hang out with their friends, watch movies, and be where parents aren’t.

It’s unfortunate for parents to have to watch this happen before our eyes, but it’s much better to create an environment by remodeling a Blue Bell basement right inside your home, mere steps away…rather than having them constantly out with their friends. You want to be the go-to place so they stay home more. Our Blue Bell PA basement remodeling service can help make that happen for you.

#4 Got a Musician in the Family? Renovate Your Blue Bell Basement Into a Band Room or Recording Studio…

There’s nothing worse for a musician than not having their own place to play and create the music they want. Perhaps you’re a musician who’s always having to leave for rehearsals because you’ve got nowhere else to rehearse in your home without driving your family crazy. Or maybe you’ve got a kid who loves music and you don’t want to stifle that creativity or passion. Either way, for musicians… having a place to rehearse and carry on with their passion right downstairs in the basement, without having to leave the hom every single time they just want to play… is the ultimate use of basement space.

Our Blue Bell basement remodelers and designers can help you create the perfect space for your musical passion. We can get you set up with rehearsal space, help you sound proof the basement, or even create a recording booth for the ultimate musical experience.

#5 Create the Man Cave He’s Always Wanted…

A man’s choice of décor and or tastes don’t always mesh well with the more sensible tastes of the woman of the house. While men should probably leave the decorating of the living space to the women, they still need their own space to have a manly environment. To drink their beer, lounge on the couch to watch the big game or fight, indulge in a foosball tournament, or do whatever it is that men do when the “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club” is in session.

You can create the ultimate “man cave” downstairs out of the way of the woman of the home. Now of course this may at first sound like a potential sticking point in a marriage or relationship, but the truth is that our Blue Bell basement remodeling company have found that utilizing the basement for this purpose often makes the lady of the house even happier than it does the man. She gets control of the remote control more often, can keep the house clean, has less feet on the coffee table, and all the other annoying things that the man of the house has a habit of doing.

If you’re ready to create the ultimate basement for your family, then give our Blue Bell basement remodeling company a call and let us help you get started. Call now at 215-601-0800.