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When you take Route 63 through Lansdale, you’re driving almost directly through the center of a great town. Lansdale is one of those towns full of the great people of this great country. The people who build this country. Hard working folks with great ethical standards, that always are glad to help out a fellow resident or even a passerby in trouble.

It’s the type of town where people make eye contact, smile, and hold open the door because it’s the right thing to do. People in the town of Lansdale PA keep it clean, even if it’s not their street. This is a community full of great people who work hard to keep it great.

You can clearly see this as you drive through neighborhoods and see all of the well-kept homes. However, as well kept as these homes are, many of them still have some unused space. Our Lansdale PA basement remodeling company loves nothing more than to help the great people of this town utilize that space to its fullest.

Think of All the Space You’re Wasting In Your Basement? Make This an Area to Be Enjoyed Instead?

It’s unfortunate when you see a homeowner waste so much great space that their basement can be. Basements have their practical space no doubt. Laundry area, storage space, etc are all great and logical uses of your basement since this puts them out of the way and out of sight. But often these are only partial uses of the area, whereas much of the basement space is completed wasted. This is not to mention the fact that many people have a basement as well as a garage, which can also be used for storage.

It’s important when re-doing a Lansdale basement to realize that the layout is usually equal to that of an entire floor of the home, even though without rooms to separate it often looks smaller. The point is that this is a lot of wasted area that can be used for any number of homes. It might be because we’ve seen a lot of great homeowners wasting their basement space, but as a Lansdale PA basement remodeling company we’d like to remind you of a few great ways to actually use this space.

Searching for a Lansdale Basement Remodeling Company? Check Out These 5 Great Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement…

#1 Convert a Lansdale Basement Into a Home Theater…

If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting harder and harder to enjoy the movie experience out. Not only is it more expensive than ever, it’s also full of people. People who chew in your ear, make noise, talk, and kick the back of your seat. There’s really no better way of defeating this problem than to simply create the movie experience right downstairs when you finish your Lansdale PA basement.

Who needs overpriced popcorn and soda? Why pay exorbitant prices for movies just for the experience of the movies when you can add the same experience a mere 5 to 10 steps downstairs inside your home. Tired of your feet sticking to the floor in the movie theater. It won’t happen in your home theater once our Lansdale PA basement remodeling company is done with your basement.

Install large recliners and couches, movie theater seats, or whatever you like to customize the home theater experience for your family.

#2 When Finishing a Lansdale Basement, Turn it Into a Bar Room

Just like the movie theater experience, sometimes it’s better to just stay home instead of heading out to the local bar. Not to mention that it’s safer, and you’ve got no drunks spilling your drinks (at least not strangers).

The basement is a great place to stick a bar, where you can fully utilize the space with whatever auxiliary bar room toys that you like. This could include a surround sound system, multiple TV screens for game day, billiard table, dart boards, etc. You name it. When it’s your own bar, the possibilities are absolutely endless. And who hasn’t always wanted to have their own bar? Now’s your chance.

One thing is for sure. You won’t have trouble finding a seat at the bar any longer on game day. Nor will you have trouble finding people who want to hang out with you. Your home will be the hotspot.

#3 Your Kids Will Love Their Own Playroom When You’re Remodeling a Lansdale Basement…

One thing that kids love to do is play. But what usually comes with that playing is a mess. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where they could play where you didn’t have to chase them around constantly and worry about the mess they were making?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get what you needed to get done upstairs while the kids were occupying themselves safely downstairs? This can all be possible once our Lansdale basement remodelers come out and turn your basement into an absolutely kid-friendly zone.

We’ll take every precaution necessary to keep your mind at ease while your kids are doing what kids are supposed to do. Our designers will sit down with you and help you figure out the best ideas for your basement remodeling to fit yours and your kid’s needs so that everyone is happy. We’ll help you create ample storage space for toys, while including elements that will keep the kids entertained, and give them ample space to create and enjoy their new playroom.

#4 Refinish Your Lansdale Basement As a Home Gym and Save Tons of Membership Fees….

Staying fit is important to us all. However, how many times have you had the best intentions, but after a long day and the commute home, you found yourself not hitting the gym, but hitting the couch? It’s not easy to get up and go to a gym full of people when all you want to do is be home. If you only had a gym in your own home, you’d be able to keep up with your workouts much easier.

Now you can when you have our Lansdale PA basement remodeling crew come out and turn your basement into your ideal home gym.

There are certain elements that you’ll want including the right lighting, floor to ceiling mirrors, ample space for your workout, mats and carpet in the right space, and even a spa or sauna to help you relax after your big workout. Our designers will help you lay out the perfect floor plan that will have you thoroughly enjoying your home gym, and allow you to get the best possible use out of this space.

#5 Guest House or Apartment…

Often when we have a home, there isn’t ample space for guests who want to stay for extended periods of time. When you’ve got a large family or a lot of friends (which is a blessing in itself and is truly the best problem in the world to have) you want to be able to give them the most comfortable place to stay when visiting you.

That’s why when you begin to look for Lansdale basement finishing ideas, you’ll want to look at creating a guest room in your basement. Depending on your space and your ideas, you can utilize the entire basement as an extra space in the home for guests, or you can utilize just a piece for a bedroom and bathroom area. If you’ve got parents or in-laws who will be visiting often, then you may want to consider utilizing the whole space as an entire apartment so as to keep the peace.

There’s also the idea that if you’d like to turn the basement into an income generating area, you can create an apartment for renting out.

No matter what you plan on doing with your basement, if you’re ready to get the best use of this space, give our Lansdale basement remodeling company a call at 215-601-0800.