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As you drive through Montgomeryville PA along Route 309, you get a pretty good indication of what this town is about.

This is a great middle class town of hardworking folks, who obviously have a pride in their town, and a dedication to keep the town looking nice and clean.

It’s the type of place that people are apparently happy to call home, and want to keep it a happy place for the next generations. This is a picturesque town full smiling faces, and friendly neighbors.

As you veer off of Route 309, and wind your way through the town along streets like Treeline or Pioneer Dr…you see all of the great houses that make up Montgomeryville. Within these houses live great folks that this Montgomeryville PA basement remodeling company loves to help get to experience an even better home… by finishing their basement. This gives them more home space to enjoy, therefore making the town an even happier place.

How Not to Waste the Space in Your Basement. Wouldn’t You Rather Enjoy It?

Our Montgomeryville PA basement remodeling crew just hate to see when someone wastes the huge amount of space that’s available in their basement. The basement is an area of the home where some people may rarely ever see.

When you’ve got a basement that’s all concrete and cinder block, bad lighting, and smells like musky odor, it can be intimidating to even think about journeying down. You may want to avoid it altogether. Many people absolutely do.

If you’re running as fast as you can through the creepy old basement, throwing in the laundry at breakneck speed, and running back up…you’re losing out on a ton of fun and enjoyment that you could be having in that area. Not to mention, you’re missing out on what could be a beautiful space. Many people find that once our Montgomeryville basement remodeling company has come…that the basement quickly becomes the favored room in the home.

Searching for a Montgomeryville Basement Remodeling Company? Check Out These 5 Great Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement…

#1: Turn Your Basement Into a Home Theater and Be Completely Entertained…

One thing that we keep seeing more and more requests for when it comes to basement remodeling is the home theater.

The truth is that your basement is perfect for a home theater because it’s naturally dark in that area, as well as the fact that it has a natural acoustic affect that gives you an extra benefit for surround sound.

Our Montgomeryville PA basement remodelers will turn your basement into the perfect theater, full of comfortable reclining chairs and couches, a huge screen on one wall (or more), and heck…even a popcorn machine and counter. The possibilities are of course endless. Either way, this is a great idea for your basement that the entire family will absolutely love.

#2: Want to Stay in Shape But Hate the Gym? Build a Home Fitness Studio in the Basement…

If you’re a bit of a health nut…or would just like to make it easier to be one…then you should probably consider turning your basement into a home fitness studio/gym. This is a very popular choice for basements.

Let’s face it…going to the gym when you lead a busy life like we all lead can be quite tough. Life simply gets in the way. It’s easy not to go. However when you have everything that you need right downstairs in the basement, it’s hard to find an excuse not to go down and get a workout in.

We can help you create a floor plan for your basement fitness gym that rivals that of any gym that you might pay for. By the way, paying for a gym could easily mean $150 a month, for not much more (if anything) than you’ll get at your home fitness studio. Installing state of the art fitness equipment, machines, and even the right types of walls (mirrors) and floors is our specialty. It’s what we love to do.

#3: Keep the Kids Occupied and Entertained with a Childs Playroom…

It can be quite hard to keep the kids happy and entertained all the time. Worse yet, when they are entertained, they’re usually making quite the mess. How many times have you wished they had their own space?

The basement is a great place for a kids playroom because it’s downstairs, it’s hidden, and they can play and mess to their heart’s content, without getting themselves in trouble. It’s vitally important that your kids have somewhere to play and create when at home, and a play room downstairs in the basement is simply perfect.

This gives you the ability to do what you have to upstairs, while the kids play (and mess) downstairs. There’s plenty of room in a basement for kids to play together as well as apart, without too much fighting.

Our Montgomeryville PA basement remodeling company will ensure that your basement is totally safe and childproof. We’ll keep safety first and foremost.

#4: Why Go to the Local Pub? Create One in Your Basement…

One of the best things about having your basement as a blank canvas is that the sky is the limit. There are so many things that you can do with the basement. You can create whatever it is you want.

Therefore many decide that instead of heading out to a bar or local corner pub, many homeowners decide to create their own personal pub right downstairs in the basement. You can truly make this as small and intimate as you want, or as big and robust as you like. In other words you can create the local corner pub, or the raving nightclub.

Either way, doing this will surely and quickly make your home a huge favorite of your friends and family. Don’t be surprised when everyone wants to come see you rather than have you come by them.

#5: Always Wanted the Ultimate Home Office? Now’s Your Chance…

Many people these days work from home at least a portion of the time. Either that or they continue work into the wee hours of the night after a full day of work.

Whatever the case for you, even if it’s just a place to pay your bills, having an office in the basement could change your life. Having your own space is essential if you work from home, or even just have carry over work. The sky’s the limit when you have a blank canvas to work with. Have the large wrap around desk that you’ve always wanted. Whiteboard walls. It’s up to you, you can do it all.

Don’t forget you can always combine any of these ideas for your basement as well.

Our Montgomeryville PA basement crew will help you layout your plan, and make it happen very quickly.

If you’re ready to finally start your basement project, then don’t hesitate, call us now at 215-601-0800.