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One of the best towns to live in Montgomery County PA is North Wales. This is where Daryl Hall of the great Hall and Oates was raised. It’s definitely a cool town where the people are always happy to greet one another with a smile, and ready to help one another out.

You can’t go wrong with places like Prism Brewing Company on Dickerson Rd. for a great bite to eat and drink after your long hard day at work. Or take the family into Simply Good Cafe on Main Street and enjoy some of their great food (especially the soup in the Fall).

The bottom line is that this town is a great place to live, with amazing neighbors and neighborhoods. Then there’s the added bonus of the beautiful homes that make up these neighborhoods.

Of course you are looking for a way to make your home even better by turning your basement into a useful and much more enjoyable space. Our North Wales PA basement remodeling company can definitely help.

Why Waste the Space in Your Basement? Why Not Enjoy It Instead?

The basement of your home is a ton of space that most people simply let go to waste. It’s usually the entire space of the entire floor plan of your home.

Of course basements are great for storage, and laundry. Some people even dedicate a small space for laundry in the basement for a laundry room, or maybe a tiny office, which is great. However, when you’ve got that much space in one area, this North Wales PA basement remodeling company sees how much better this area can be used and made more useful.

It could be because of all the great basements that we’ve seen created in your town of North Wales, and other parts of Philadelphia.

But more than that, we like to see you get complete enjoyment from your North Wales home.

Looking for a North Wales Basement Remodeling Company? Here are 5 Cool Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement…

#1: Give the Kids Their Own Place to Play by Creating a Play Room Just for Them…

When you’ve got kids, it can be a tough battle giving them the space they need to play and create, while still maintaining some sense of sanity in the home. It’s vitally important for their mental development to play and create in fact. However that can be hard when space is limited, and they’re making a disaster area out of the living space of the home.

That’s why turning the basement into a kid’s play room for the them is a great idea for everyone. It gives them the room to completely enjoy, spread their wings. They’ll stay safe down in the basement while you do what you’ve got to do downstairs, knowing they’re okay.

Of course it’s vital that this room is set up in the safest way possible…completely childproof. Our North Wales PA basement remodeling experts will help you create a beautiful area that’s completely safe for the kids to play and create.

#2: Save Money on a Gym Membership By Creating Your Own Gym in the Basement…

We all know how important it is to get and stay in shape. As you age and life gets in the way, it gets harder and harder. Getting to the gym itself is half the battle. When is there time? Most people think that they’ll have time to run to the gym in the evenings after work, or in the mornings before. Those that do are lucky and very inspiring. However more often than not, life ruins those plans, and it never happens.

A home gym is the perfect solution. If you’ve got a basement that you can finish, then you can make your home gym as good, if not better, than a regular gym.

Let’s also not forget that gym memberships are very expensive. These days you can easily spend well over $100 a month (often much more) for a gym membership. Why do that when you can build your gym right downstairs in the basement. It’ll be much easier to make time to get down a few steps, as well as the fact that you don’t have to deal with other sweaty gym members to use a machine.

Our North Wales basement remodeling company will help get your floor plan set up perfectly for whatever it is you’re after. Cardio equipment, weight equipment, punching bags, wrestling mats, whatever it is that you do, we can turn your basement into the perfect place to do it.

#3: The Man of the House Needs a Place to Be a Man. Give Him His Own Man Cave in the Basement…

While man caves have become part of our vernacular, it’s been tossed around as more of a joke than a truly viable solution. Yet having a place for the man of the house to be alone and do what men do can be quite rewarding for everyone. Men and women are simply different. This is why we like each other so much. However, we most often don’t like the same things. Therefore we need to keep our stuff out of each other’s space, and ourselves out of one another’s hair.

This is very hard to do when there’s limited space. However, when you create a man cave downstairs in the basement, then that opens up the space for both parties. We also hear from many of our female customers (wives and girlfriends) that they’re much happier since the basement has been transformed done because it frees up a ton of space in the living room, and the boyfriend or husband gets to enjoy his own world downstairs while the lady gets to make and keep the upstairs beautiful and clean.

#4: Give Guests Their Own Space with a Guest Area in the Basement…

Are you ever tight for space when you have house guests? One of the problems that people have is when they have visitors, and there’s nowhere for those people to stay or sleep. This can keep you from the fun that comes with visits, and connecting with the friends and family in your life that you love.

If this is the case for you, then it may be best that you create a guest house in the basement. This way you no longer have to worry about where people will sleep or if they’re comfortable. Basically it’ll be like a hotel room right down stairs.

This is also perfect if you’ve got parents or in-laws who visit frequently. They can then have their own personal space downstairs. Therefore nobody feels intruded on, nor do they have to feel like intruders.

#5 Enjoy Your Basement Thoroughly With a Home Theater

Ever gone to the movies and immediately regretted your decision? With overpriced tickets, expensive stale popcorn and people kicking your seat… it’s very hard to ever get excited about going back. This is why a home movie theater with surround sound would be perfect for your basement remodeling project.

Our North Wales PA basement remodeling company will give you the best movie experience possible in your home. There’s nothing like watching a big action-packed movie in your own recliner chair or couch. You can hit the pause button for bathroom breaks, make your own popcorn, and you’ll have the ability that you’ve always wanted to kick people out for talking, and using their cell phones during the movie.

This is also a great way to keep the kids happy on sleepover nights.

If you’re ready to start your North Wales basement remodeling project – or even just start planning it out – give us a call at 215-601-0800.